Intact Bike Power battery CTX 12-BS, maintenance-free, incl. acid-package

Intact Bike Power battery CTX 12-BS, maintenance-free, incl. acid-package

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Intact Bike Power battery CTX 12-BS, maintenance-free -incl. acid-packageCold crank: 130 AWidth x depth x height = 150 x 87 x 131 mmThe intAct Bike-Power AGM series is characterised by superior starting power and high safety reserve requiring no maintenance. All batteries are manufactured dry pre-charged and sold with a special acid pack.Information on the treatment and care of your batteryA battery is only an energy reservoir, and it must be immediately charged 100 % each time energy is extracted from it - by the vehicle generator or externally by a charger, if the energy balance is on the negative side as a result of short periods of use or if it is little used in general and left unused for longer periods.To ensure long battery life, make sure you observe the following:- Use the battery only for its intended purpose (starter batteries - for starting and operating a vehicle with an internal combustion engine).- The surface of the battery should be kept clean and dry. In order to avoid the formation of leakage currents that can cause significant self-discharge, oils and fluids should not be allowed to accumulate on the surface. - Check the fill level of the battery, if possible, at least once every 6 months and top it up if necessary with purified water (do not add battery acid). - In the event of high water loss, please have the functioning of the charge controller checked by an expert. If installed in the right place and subjected to normal loads, your battery will consume little or no water, but these factors vary greatly depending on usage.Should your vehicle tend to a negative energy balance because of the way it is used (short distances - longer periods of disuse - extensive comfort equipment - start-stop operation), the state of charge of the battery should be checked at the required intervals (2-3 months).In order to ensure that your vehicle will always start and to prevent the onset of damage to the battery, it should always be charged at least to 75 %. This can be determined from the open-circuit voltage or by using an acid siphon. Open-circuit voltage: 12.51 V - 12.57 V = 75 % charged12.69 V - 12.75 V = 100 % chargedAcid density: 1.25 kg/l = 75 % charged 1.28 kg/l = 100 % chargedThe battery should carry at least this charge, even if it still works with less, this will be at the expense of durability.The best case scenario is 100 % charge - for 100 % usability!Because the current generation of vehicles places significantly higher electrical demands on the battery (due to the presence of extensive comfort features and electronic equipment), a negative energy balance may occur rapidly even with newer vehicles. If the amount of energy generated is largely required for the on-board power supply and the remainder is no longer sufficient to recharge the battery completely. With vehicles which only see seasonal use (convertibles, motorcycles, tractors, harvesters, construction equipment and vehicles), the same applies as above with regard to the battery charge.Check the charge (open circuit voltage) of your battery at least every 2 months and recharge if necessary. Due to constant chemical processes, every battery is subject to selfdischarge which, if not offset by charging, inevitably leads to the deep discharge of your battery. If it is still connected to the vehicle, the discharge may under certain circumstances be even faster because the vehicle may still be consuming electrical power even when it is not in use. The best thing to do is to disconnect the battery. Deep discharge is never covered by warranty but is always the fault of the operator and in most cases associated with the total failure of the battery. The ideal temperature for storing a battery when not in use is 10-15 degrees. Higher temperatures accelerate self-discharge and loss of water. In any case, no battery lasts for ever - at some point its capacity will be exhausted. Constant full charge + normal load = slow reduction in capacity. Insufficient charge + high load = faster reduction in capacity.
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Honda2004VF 750 C MagnaRC43
Honda1994NR 750RC40
Honda1995NR 750RC40
Honda1998FES 250 ForesightMF04
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Honda2000FES 250 ForesightMF05
Honda1989PC 800 Pacific CoastRC34
Honda1990PC 800 Pacific CoastRC34
Honda2007CBR 1100 XXSC35
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Kawasaki1998ER 5 TwisterER500A
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Kawasaki2002ER 5 TwisterER500AC
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Kawasaki2010ER 6 FEX650C
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Kawasaki1997KLE 500LE500A
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Kawasaki1996ZR 750 ZephyrZR750D
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Suzuki2003SV 650 SBY1321
Suzuki2004SV 650 SBY1321
Suzuki2005SV 650 SBY1321
Suzuki2006SV 650 SBY1321
Suzuki2007SV 650 SBY1321
Suzuki1992GSX-R 750 WGR7BB
Suzuki1993GSX-R 750 WGR7BB
Suzuki1994GSX-R 750 WGR7BB
Suzuki1995GSX-R 750 WGR7BB
Suzuki1996GSF 1200 BanditGV75A
Suzuki1997GSF 1200 BanditGV75A
Suzuki1998GSF 1200 BanditGV75A
Suzuki1999GSF 1200 BanditGV75A
Suzuki2000GSF 1200 BanditGV75A
Suzuki1996GSF 1200 S BanditGV75A
Suzuki1997GSF 1200 S BanditGV75A
Suzuki1998GSF 1200 S BanditGV75A
Suzuki1999GSF 1200 S BanditGV75A
Suzuki2000GSF 1200 S BanditGV75A
Suzuki2001GSF 1200 BanditA91121
Suzuki2002GSF 1200 BanditA91121
Suzuki2003GSF 1200 BanditA91121
Suzuki2004GSF 1200 BanditA91121
Suzuki2005GSF 1200 BanditA91121
Suzuki2001GSF 1200 S BanditA91111
Suzuki2002GSF 1200 S BanditA91111
Suzuki2003GSF 1200 S BanditA91111
Suzuki2004GSF 1200 S BanditA91111
Suzuki2005GSF 1200 S BanditA91111
Suzuki2001GSX-R 1000BL1112
Suzuki2002GSX-R 1000BL1112
Suzuki2003GSX-R 1000BZ1111
Suzuki2004GSX-R 1000BZ1111
Suzuki1993GSX-R 1100 WGU75C
Suzuki1994GSX-R 1100 WGU75C
Suzuki1995GSX-R 1100 WGU75C
Suzuki1996GSX-R 1100 WGU75C
Suzuki1997GSX-R 1100 WGU75C
Suzuki2003SV 650BY1111
Suzuki2004SV 650BY1111
Suzuki1999GSX 1200 InazumaA31111
Suzuki2000GSX 1200 InazumaA31111
Suzuki2008GSX 1300 B-KingCR1111
Suzuki2009GSX 1300 B-KingCR1111
Suzuki2010GSX 1300 B-KingCR1111
Suzuki2005SV 650BY1111
Suzuki2006SV 650BY1111
Suzuki2008GSX-R 1300 HayabusaCK1111
Suzuki2009GSX-R 1300 HayabusaCK1111
Suzuki2010GSX-R 1300 HayabusaCK1111
Suzuki2011GSX-R 1300 HayabusaCK1111
Suzuki2012GSX-R 1300 HayabusaCK1111
Suzuki2013GSX-RA 1300 Hayabusa ABSCK1116
Suzuki2014GSX-RA 1300 Hayabusa ABSCK1116
Suzuki2004DL 650B12111
Suzuki2005DL 650B12111
Suzuki2006DL 650B12111
Suzuki2007DL 650B12111
Suzuki2008DL 650B12111
Suzuki2009DL 650B12111
Suzuki2010DL 650B12111
Suzuki2011DL 650B11121
Suzuki2012DL 650C7111
Suzuki2013DL 650C7111
Suzuki2014V-Strom 650C7111
Suzuki2015V-Strom 650C7111
Suzuki2013GSX-R 1300 HayabusaCK1111
Suzuki2014GSX-R 1300 HayabusaCK1111
Suzuki2015GSX-R 1300 HayabusaCK1111
Suzuki2007C 800 IntruderB42111
Suzuki2008C 800 IntruderB42111
Suzuki2005M 800 IntruderBM1111
Suzuki2006M 800 IntruderBM1111
Suzuki2007M 800 IntruderBM1111
Suzuki2008M 800 IntruderB41111
Suzuki2009M 800 IntruderB41111
Suzuki2001VL 800 LC VolusiaBM1111
Suzuki2002VL 800 LC VolusiaBM1111
Suzuki2003VL 800 LC VolusiaBM1111
Suzuki2004VL 800 LC VolusiaBM1111
Suzuki2005VL 800 LC VolusiaBM1111
Suzuki2006VL 800 LC VolusiaBM1111
Suzuki2007VL 800 LC VolusiaBM1111
Suzuki2005VZ 800 MarauderB42111
Suzuki2006VZ 800 MarauderB42111
Suzuki1997VZ 800 MarauderAF1112
Suzuki1998VZ 800 MarauderAF1112
Suzuki1999VZ 800 MarauderAF1112
Suzuki2000VZ 800 MarauderAF1112
Suzuki2001VZ 800 MarauderAF1112
Suzuki2002VZ 800 MarauderAF1112
Suzuki2003VZ 800 MarauderAF1112
Suzuki1994DR 650 RESP45B
Suzuki1995DR 650 RESP45B
Suzuki2009C 800 IntruderBM1111
Suzuki2010C 800 IntruderBM1111
Suzuki2011C 800 IntruderBM1111
Suzuki2012C 800 IntruderBM1111
Suzuki2013C 800 IntruderBM1111
Suzuki2010M 800 IntruderB41111
Suzuki2014C 800 Intruder---
Suzuki2011M 800 IntruderB41111
Suzuki2012M 800 IntruderB41111
Suzuki2013M 800 IntruderB41111
Suzuki2014VL 800 C IntruderBM1111
Suzuki2015VL 800 C IntruderBM1111
Yamaha1995FZR 600 R4JH
Yamaha1996FZR 600 R4MH
Yamaha1996YZF 600 R Thundercat4TV/4WD
Yamaha1997YZF 600 R Thundercat4TV/4WD
Yamaha1998YZF 600 R Thundercat4TV/4WD
Yamaha1999YZF 600 R Thundercat4TV/4WD
Yamaha2000YZF 600 R Thundercat4TV/4WD
Yamaha2001YZF 600 R Thundercat4TV/4WD
Yamaha1993YZF 750 R4HN
Yamaha1994YZF 750 R4HN
Yamaha1995YZF 750 R4HN
Yamaha1996YZF 750 R4HN
Yamaha1997YZF 750 R4HN
Yamaha1998YZF 750 R4HN
Yamaha1993YZF 750 SP4HT
Yamaha1994YZF 750 SP4HT
Yamaha1995YZF 750 SP4HT
Yamaha1996YZF 750 SP4HT
Yamaha1997YZF 750 SP4HT
Yamaha1998YZF 750 SP4HT
Yamaha1992TDM 8503VD
Yamaha1993TDM 8503VD
Yamaha1994TDM 8503VD
Yamaha1995TDM 8503VD
Yamaha1996TRX 8504UN
Yamaha1997TRX 8504UN
Yamaha1998TRX 8504UN
Yamaha1999TRX 8504UN
Aprilia2007Pegaso 650 FactoryVDE00
Aprilia2008Pegaso 650 FactoryVDE00
Aprilia2009Pegaso 650 FactoryVDE00
Aprilia2010Pegaso 650 FactoryVDE00
Aprilia2005Pegaso 650 StradaVDB00
Aprilia2006Pegaso 650 StradaVDB00
Aprilia2007Pegaso 650 StradaVDB00
Aprilia2008Pegaso 650 StradaVDB00
Aprilia2009Pegaso 650 StradaVDB00
Aprilia2010Pegaso 650 StradaVDB00
Aprilia2004RSV 1000 R TuonoRPB00
Aprilia2005RSV 1000 R TuonoRPB00
Aprilia2006RSV 1000 R TuonoRRL00
Aprilia2007RSV 1000 R TuonoRRL00
Aprilia2008RSV 1000 R TuonoRRL00
Aprilia2009RSV 1000 R TuonoRRL00
Aprilia2010RSV 1000 R TuonoRRL00
Aprilia2004RSV 1000 Tuono---
Aprilia2005RSV 1000 Tuono---
Aprilia2010SL 750 ShiverRAE00
Aprilia2012SL 750 ShiverRAE00
Aprilia2013SL 750 ShiverRAE00
Aprilia2014SL 750 ShiverRAE00
Aprilia2015SL 750 ShiverRAE00
Aprilia2009SL 750 Shiver GTRAB00
Aprilia2010SL 750 Shiver GTRAB00
Aprilia2011SL 750 Shiver GTRAB00
Aprilia2012SL 750 Shiver GTRAB00
Aprilia2001RSV MilleRP
Aprilia2002RSV MilleRP
Aprilia2003RSV MilleRP
Aprilia2004RSV Mille RRR000
Aprilia2005RSV Mille RRR000
Aprilia2006RSV Mille RRR000
Aprilia2007RSV Mille RRR000
Aprilia2001RST 1000 FuturaPW
Aprilia2002RST 1000 FuturaPW
Aprilia2003RST 1000 FuturaPW
Aprilia2004RST 1000 FuturaPW
Aprilia2007Pegaso 650 TrailVDD00
Aprilia2008Pegaso 650 TrailVDD00
Aprilia2009Pegaso 650 TrailVDD00
Aprilia2010Pegaso 650 TrailVDD00
Aprilia2007Atlantic Sprint 400---
Aprilia2007Scarabeo 400 i.e.VR000
Aprilia2009Sportcity 300 ie CubeVBL00
Aprilia2010Sportcity 300 ie CubeVBL00
Aprilia2005Atlantic 500 LC SprintVLA00
Aprilia2006Atlantic 500 LC SprintVLA00
Aprilia2007Atlantic 500 LC SprintVLA00
Aprilia2008Atlantic 500 LC SprintVLA00
Aprilia2009Atlantic 500 LC SprintVLA00
Aprilia2010Atlantic 500 LC SprintVLA00
Aprilia2011SL 750 ShiverRAE00
Cagiva2001X-Tra RaptorM2
Cagiva2002X-Tra RaptorM2
Cagiva2003X-Tra RaptorM2
Cagiva2004X-Tra RaptorM2
Cagiva2005X-Tra RaptorM2
Gilera2009Nexus 125iZAPM35700
Gilera2010Nexus 125iZAPM35700
Gilera2011Nexus 125iZAPM35700
Arctic Cat2002375---
Arctic Cat2003375---
Arctic Cat2004375---
Arctic Cat2005375---
Arctic Cat2006375---
Arctic Cat2007375---
Cannondale2002Blaze 440---
Cannondale2003Blaze 440---
Cannondale2002Speed 440---
Cannondale2003Speed 440---
Benelli1999Velvet 250 LCM70000
Benelli2000Velvet 250 LCM70000
Benelli2001Velvet 250 LCM70000
Benelli2002Velvet 250 LC TouringM70000P
Benelli2003Velvet 250 LC TouringM70000P
Derbi2007GP1 250PT1A1A
Derbi2008GP1 250PT1A1A
Derbi2009GP1 250PT1A1A
Derbi2010GP1 250PT1A1A
Malaguti2007Phantom 250 Max---
Peugeot2006Satelis 500---
Peugeot2007Satelis 500 Executive---
Peugeot2008Satelis 500 Executive---
Peugeot2007Satelis 500 Premium---
Peugeot2008Satelis 500 Premium---
Peugeot2008Satelis 500 RS Premium---
Piaggio2000GTX 180 SupHexagonZAPM20000
Piaggio2001GTX 180 SupHexagonZAPM20000
Piaggio2002GTX 180 SupHexagonZAPM20000
Piaggio1998Hexagon 250 GTZAPM14000
Piaggio1999Hexagon 250 GTZAPM14000
Piaggio2000Hexagon 250 GTZAPM14000
Piaggio2001Hexagon 250 GTZAPM14000
Piaggio2007LXV 125 4T---
Piaggio2008LXV 125 4T---
Artilerijas str. 45, Riga, Latvia, LV1009
+371 29255587
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