HEPCO & BECKER Side carrier Royal Enfield Classic 350, 22-

kods: HB63076330001
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- solid side carrier to accommodate Hepco&Becker C-Bow side bags and cases
- high quality surface finish
- normal Hepco&Becker hard cases, such as the Junior or Journey do not fit!
- Krauser K-Wing cases do not fit on the C-Bow carrier!
- Recommended load: 5kg per bag / case (please note the mounting instructions, vehicle-specific instructions, as well as motorcycle manufacturer specifications for evt. occurring restrictions)
- usually without problems with Topcaseträger, Sissybars, or Soloracks combinable (note the mounting instructions or the vehicle-specific notes with the respective carrier)
- Luggage bridge widenings can restrict the bag mounting on the carrier
- Luggage carriers do not require ABE or registration in the papers
- Scope of delivery: left + right + mounting instructions + mounting kit
- Developed for the series condition of the machine. Not tested with accessories such as.B: exhaust, license plate holder or other indicators. Note that with third-party accessories, the bags always have sufficient distance from the exhaust and the turn signals have a sufficient beam angle. The exhaust jet must not be directed at the pockets.

Recommended load:
5kg into the bag / suitcase. (Please note the model-specific instructions, as well as the notes on the mounting instructions and motorcycle manufacturer-specific information for any restrictions that may occur.)

Recommended maximum speed:
130 km/h (Please note that with increasing payload and speed, the driving behavior may change).