HEPCO & BECKER Daypack Set Royster, sw/gr, for CBR 1000 RR-R/SP 20-

kods: HB6409524S3
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The Daypack Set from the popular HEPCO&BECKER Royster line, consisting of the Royster Daypack plus vehicle-specific Lock-it tank ring with adapter plate!
Fresh, striking design by angular and concise lines of the daypack, combined with the innovative Lock-it daypack fastening - Fidlock patented.

This set of the everyday little helper with matching tank ring is a complete solution for your bike. The daypack finds a secure attachment thanks to the solid Lock-it tank ring, but can be quickly and conveniently released.

The Royster Daypacks from HEPCO&BECKER expand the transport capacity of your motorcycle by a lightning-fast variant: they can be quickly attached or removed thanks to the new, innovative Lock it tank ring without annoying fumbling and the most frequently used utensils on your tour place. The tank surface is protected because the daypack does not rest on it.

The principle of operation of the tank ring closure:

The problems of putting on tank jerksa?cken are eliminated by the magnetic centering. The handling is simple and fast. The ribs attached to the sides of the magnets mechanically secure the system. The U?Transmission powerfte of the bracket are over 70kg vertical load, ensuring a stable and secure connection to the motorcycle at all times. To unlock, simply pull the retaining strap so that the magnets unlock the system. Here, the magnets are aligned equally and the daypack can be removed.

Easy for children and effective - simply ingenious.

Features Daypack:

- Attachment to the supplied model-specific HEPCO&BECKER Lock-it tank ring
- Extremely high dimensional stability due to deep-drawn EVA material
- Integrated, absolutely waterproof inner bag with roll closure
- Lateral reflective flaps
- Integrated, absolutely waterproof inner bag with roll closure
.che -> increased perception of the motorcycle in road traffic
- Lid shell and bottom shell made of abrasion-resistant polyester D1200
- Bottom shell additionally coated with polyurethane, increased dirt resistance and facilitates cleaning
- Lockable zippers, in addition, a security lock is available as an optional accessory
- Functional carrying handle
- Very light weight
- Pack volume expansion, if it's times a little more
- Organizer compartment with luggage net on the inside of the lid
- Eyelets on the lid shell for optional attachment of accessories

- Packing volume: 5 liters
- Outer dimensions (HxWxD) cm: 15 x 25 x 30 cm
- Inner dimensions (HxWxD) cm: 14 x 24 x 29 cm
- Weight: 1.08 kg

FEATURES Lock-it tank ring:

- Simple but effective mechanism
- Absolutely secure hold, even at high speeds
- Mechanical/magnetic locking
- Uncomplicated operation
- Daypack is inserted and locked thanks to the magnets independently by an audible click
- Quick unlocking: The mechanism is unlocked by a lashing strap in the direction of travel at the front of the daypack and the daypack can be removed
- Fidlock patented
- Shielded magnetic field, safe for credit cards and electronic devices

Recommended load: 3kg (Please note the model-specific instructions on the tank ring, as well as the motorcycle manufacturer specifications.)
Recommended maximum speed: 130km/h

Included in delivery are:
1 x Daypack Royster
1 x Lock-it tank ring
1 x 6mm adapter plate, as well as
1 x counter holder for mounting on the daypack.