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MOTOBATT AGM battery MBTX7UTypical PowerSports battery designs available on the market today have not changed for many years. By listening to you, our valued customers and by studying the way PowerSports batteries are used in today's marketplace, MOTOBATT has re-invented its products specifically for today's PowerSports market where the Triple Threat of:1. High Vibration 2. High Starting Loads and now more than ever 3. Additional high powered accessory loads are all very commonMOTOBATT 's innovative internal Power Balanced design has been developed to overcome these problems. Many claims are made by different manufacturers about cranking capacity in fact there is little to be gained from a battery that cranks harder than what is required to start your bike. In battery design there is always a tradeoff. Since physical battery size is limited by the application / case size, the more cranking power (increased number of thinner plates) you have, the less Amp Hour capacity you get, and vice versa. The key is to balance the design to offer maximum Ah and CCA's to properly power all of your thirsty OE and aftermarket accessories. Other advantages:- The MOTOBATT is a Factory Activated battery. You never have to mess with acid or top up fluid levels.- The sealed, glass mat design has many longevity and reliability based benefits.- AGM batteries have a much lower inherent self discharge rate than wet flooded types.Technical specification:12 V 8 AhManufacturer specification (CCA) cold cranking amps: 115 CCA at -18 degreesDimensions: height 128 mm x width 114 mm x depth 70 mmmaintenance-freeTerminals: 2Replacement for the following batteries: YTX7L-BS