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SHIN YO LED sequence 3in1 taillight/indicator FORK

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SHIN YO 3in1 LED sequence indicator FORK

Fully in line with the trend: Running light indicators are enjoying ever greater popularity. Turn signal, rear and brake light combined in one light unit. On/Off was yesterday, with this cool sequence effect the LEDs light up one after the other from the inside to the outside, creating an optical wiping effect. Look forward to this elegant direction indicator with dark glass, whose form and function merge wonderfully with each other. An absolute eye-catcher! The FORK can be used as rear indicator and is E-approved.

A Width: 64 mm
B Width: 75 mm
C Height: 27.5 mm
D Depth: 21.5 mm
Rubber stem: 11 mm
Threaded bolt: M10
Weight: 35 g

Yellow cable = indicator (+)
Black cable = ground (-)
White cable = taillight (+)
Red cable = brake light (+)

Scope of delivery: 1 pair

LED indicators work with less watts than standard indicators. Therefore, it may be necessary to replace the original relay with a load independent relay.