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Schuberth M1 Pro Helmet

  • The perfect partner for driving experiences with and without a visor: the Schuberth M1 Pro is the right accessory for every trendy bike - whether cruiser, touring, naked or large scooter. Optimized head ventilation hood, new interior and high wearing comfort make it one of the most comfortable open helmets. Of course, prepared for seamless Bluetooth communication.

High tech in terms of safety

  • The unique production method of helmet shells at Schuberth, enables low weight with optimum stability. Direct Fiber Processing (DFP) is an innovation by Schuberth. An endless glass thread is cut into pieces by a robot and blown into a mold. This preform is baked with the addition of a precisely defined amount of resin under high pressure in a heatable form to a helmet shell with exceptional strength. A multi-part construction of the inner shell allows a high power consumption and ensures more safety

Optimal ventilation

Thanks to our innovative head ventilation hood your head inside the helmet is well ventilated even on longer tours. In the helmet shell ventilation ducts are already integrated, so that a particularly high air circulation is achieved. Special driving comfort thanks to special ventilation. In addition, the helmet has noticeable aerodynamics: stable direction, no buoyancy, no flutter - thanks to the shape developed in the wind tunnel

  • Shade
  • Integrated sun visor, infinitely adjustable within seconds. Best view also by:
  • Visor optical class 1 - clear view without distortion
  • Antifogging prepared

Micro-Lock ratchet lock

  • The ratchet lock allows for each putting on the helmet a simple and tailored to your head donning the chin strap. The chinstrap length is adaptable on both sides

Freedom of speech

  • Microphone and speaker pre-installed for communication systems SC1 M and SRC M1. Optionally equipped with the new SC1 M communication system, which connects up to three call participants in a matter of seconds. Navigation, music and phone calls with the best sound - thanks to the 2 Bluetooth sources® also possible at the same time

Diversity that creates a sense of perspective

Five tints offer the right protection for every taste. The visor can be changed without tools and with only two handles or replaced with a screen in titanium or matt black

  • Slightly tinted
  • Strongly tinted
  • Clear
  • Silver
  • Blue mirrored

Varied and quiet

  • The M1 Pro is optimally prepared for driving with and without a visor. Thanks to the new acoustic concept with optimized neck pad and noise reduction in the area of ??mechanical attachments, the M1 PRO achieves approximately 85 dB (A) at 100km / h on an unclad motorcycle

Fits exactly, sits securely

  • The motorcycle helmet complies with the test standard ECE R 22.05 and can thus be driven throughout Europe. The helmet is available in sizes from XS to 2XL. This corresponds to head circumferences from 52 to 63 centimeters

XS (52-53cm) S (54-55cm) M (56-57cm) L (58-59cm) XL (60-61cm) 2XL (62-63cm)