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Schuberth S2 SRC Bluetooth Communication System

kods: SRC-S2
ražotājs: SCHUBERTH
6-10 darba dienas
cena 299.00 €259.00
Preču cena norādīta ar iekļautu PVN 21%.
Norādītā cena ir spēkā, pasūtot preci 26.02.2021.
  • Fitting instructions included
  • Conference call between up to 3 bikes
  • Adjusts the volume automatically according to background noise
  • VOX technology reliable operation using voice commands
  • Response sensitivity can be set individually
  • Automatic re-establishment of a connection when it is cut off
  • Automatic connection set-up by speaking
  • Automatic connection shut-down after 30 secs silence
  • Dual ultra-slim speakers
  • Complete with charger, USB & MP3 cable
  • Does not affect the size of your helmet
  • Up to 6 days standby
  • Maximum range of 700 meters
  • Up to 10 hours of use
  • integrated VHF radio
  • RDS function for automatic station adjustment
  • User-defined programming possible with SRCS software
  • Traffic news can be received while travelling
  • Fast selection of the six strongest radio channels at the press of a button
  • Easy to install
  • Connects with mobile phone, sat-nav and MP3 players

This Schuberth SRC system is a rider communication system which can be fitted into the Schuberth S2 helmet to enable rider communications. This device can be fitted within the acoustic collar of the S2 helmet and features a wide range of functions. The Schuberth SRC system enables rider to passenger intercom, bike to bike intercom, mobile phone and GPS connection and radio broadcast with RDS. The system works by the plug and play principle allowing the user to fit the device quickly and easily. Two sizes are available, choose the size that matches the size of your S2 helmet.