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MOTIP-DUPLI Silikon spray, 400 ml

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ražotājs: MOTIP-DUPLI
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Silicone spray to lubricate and protect plastic or rubber parts. Silicone spray is water-repellent, pH-neutral and resistant to weather influences and weak acids and bases. Silicone spray prevents freezing and drying out of rubber parts and creaking and squeaking of plastic parts. Silicone spray has outstanding mechanical and thermal stability. MoTip Silicone Spray hat a directed jetspray and is resistant to temperatures of - 50ĀŗC up to + 200ĀŗC.For use:Protecting for electronic contact from moisture and corrosion Lubricating seat rails, head rests and sunroofsKeeping door rubbers flexibleOn cold and warm water valves in heating systems and sanitary facilities