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PROFI DRY LUBE Profi Dry Lube, Base Treatment, 100ml

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Profi Dry Lube, Base Treatment, 100mlReplaces chain cleaner. The Profi Dry Lube - PDL active ingredients are combined with adhesive and grease dissolving components. Base Treatment is cleaner and lubricant in one application. During the first trips your new chain set will be conveniently released from sticky lubrication grease which is production-conditioning on the chain. Also used chains, which are to be converted to Profi Dry Lube, are pre-treated quickly and conveniently. After spraying, contamination and the sticky components on the surface can be wiped off. The base treatment components are effective when driving in the lubrication gap under the outer chain rollers, which can be easily moved again after a short time. Now PDL-Dry Lube - for the always clean chain - is used as regular chain lubricant.- Dissolves dirt and adhesive.- Acts as a basic treatment and lubricant.- Very productive, replaces elaborate chain cleaning! (DBGM protected)Delivery contents: 1 piece - 100ml